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The program makes full use of the original processing equipment, the maximum extent of the original facilities to play a role in order to reduce the project cost.


1、Wastewater into the original adjustment tank , after adjustment, the water into the treatment system; regulation of sediment under the pool of solid material, need regular treatment, some can be mud pump, transported to the sludge concentration tank (the original equipment). After the concentration, the sludge enters the sludge dewatering machine (original equipment) to carry on the slag processing, the filtrate uses the water pump to deliver to the sedimentation pond carries on the processing. In the adjustment pool, the installation of blowers, the need to deal with sludge, ventilation, so that settling at the bottom of the sludge is blown floating in aqueous solution, and then pumped away with mud; the wastewater contains some oil and other solid , May not be able to float all, still need to be handled manually. Use of aeration aeration equipment, you can clear most of the sludge in the adjustment pool to reduce the workload of artificial cleaning, artificial cleaning cycle to extend.

2、Wastewater into the treatment system, the first use of the original sedimentation tank, the natural settlement, so that large particles of solid sediment in the bottom of the pool, small particles of suspended solids and colloidal particles dissolved in water. As part of the oil floating in the water, to be used inclined plate oil separation method to effectively separate the oil and water, increase oil separation facilities, sedimentation tank separated from the oil regularly transported away.

3、After settling and oil after the treatment of waste water into the neutralization tank and adjust the pH value to facilitate subsequent processing. After pretreatment of water samples, suspension oil content is greatly reduced, large particles of solids left in the bottom, the water contains part of the emulsified oil, small particles of suspended solids and colloidal particles.

4、After pretreatment of water samples, with the pump into the dissolved air flotation system, first into the dissolved gas tank (new device), into the air, so that the tank to maintain a certain pressure (working pressure), while adding inorganic flocculant A Agent, so that three-phase mixing, the effective flocculation of organic matter.

5、From the dissolved gas tank out of wastewater into the air tank (new device), no pressure to open, while adding organic polymer flocculant B agent, so that the formation of floc floc, the sludge generated by scraping machine To the sludge thickening tank (original equipment). After the concentration, the sludge enters the dewatering machine (original equipment) to carry on the slag processing, the filtrate uses the water pump to deliver to the sedimentation pond carries on the processing. After the treatment of dissolved air flotation system, most COD can be removed, oil and suspended solids have been effectively treated, pollutants have been greatly reduced.

6、Floating tank into the buffer tank (new device), with the pump into the filter tank (activated carbon adsorption tower transformation), after filtration, the removal of residual oil and suspended solids.

Note: Wastewater entering the buffer tank, such as CODcr, is not up to standard and can enter the biochemical reaction tank for treatment. There is aeration system in the bottom of the reactor to ensure oxygen supply. The tank is equipped with contact filler, which is biological contact oxidation tank biofilm carrier, is the biological oxidation of the smooth guarantee.

7、Filter tank effluent can be said to have reached the discharge standard, you can efflux or comprehensive utilization.

Note: The filter tank in the long-term use, the need for backwashing; backwash using automatic backwash system, backwash water using buffer tank water. After backwashing the water raised to the settling tank by lifting pump for processing.

Dosing system in this process uses a fixed ratio of automatic drug delivery system. The system automatically adjusts the dosage as the treated water changes during the working hours.


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