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Compact Treatment System for High Concentration Wastewater

Product Description

Working Principles of Compact Treatment System for High Concentration Wastewater

This compact wastewater treatment system is an integrated equipment incorporating chemical dosing, sediments discharge, biosorption, deodorization, color removal and organic pollutant degradation. The main process is the combination of chemical treatment and biological treatment.The wastewater will be pumped into the compact wastewater treatment system from the equalization tank. Then follows with the flocculation and solid-liquid separation. The clean water will flow into the collecting tank for reuse and solid residues should be discharged regularly. Wastewater then will enter into the anaerobic tank in which degradation of organic matter happens and other residual pollutants and suspended solids gets treated. The treated water will finally be discharged from the settling tank after meeting the discharge standard. 



Technical parameters

Technical parameters of Compact Treatment System for High Concentration Wastewater

ModelHLHS— 250HLHS — 500
Body MaterialPPPP
Power Supply380V/50Hz/3Phase380V/50Hz/3Phase
Air Supply0.6Mpa300L/min0.6Mpa600L/min
Processing TypeBatch-typeBatch-type
Dosing MethodManualManual
Reaction TypeElectric BlendingElectric Blending
Solid-liquid SeparationFilter PressFilter Press
Overall Dimensionmm2300×1500×15002800×1800×2000
Net WeightKg450650


Advantages of Compact Treatment System for High Concentration Wastewater

1.uitable for high concentration industrial wastewater, especially for the carton, ink and ribbon dyeing wastewater. It complements the blank of miniaturization equipment in these industries and meets the requirements of wastewater treatment with low water content and high concentration.

2.It’s a mature, stable and reliable technology which the treated water could be reused.

3.The high efficient and unique oxidation greatly improves the removal rate and has unparalleled effect.

4.High degree of automation, low labor costs, easy operation, no man-made operation failure

5.The open design makes it easy to operate and maintain. It eliminates the observation and maintenance difficulty of common integrated equipment, which greatly extending the service life of the equipment.

6.Advanced technology system which is low investment, small footprint and operating underground. 

7.Relatively low operation cost, reasonable optimization of process reduces the amount of chemicals and improves the processing efficiency.

Treatment of Compact Treatment System for High Concentration Wastewater

Typical Applications

Process flow diagram of Compact Treatment System for High Concentration Wastewater

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