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Tube settler Media

Product Description

Plastic Lamella Clarifiers PP/PVC Material Tube settler Media

The tube settler media is very suitable in all differentclarifiers and removing sand. It is regarded as universal water treatmentequipment in water supply and drainage engineering. It has wide application,high handling efficiency, small area, etc. It is suitable in removing sandin inlet, industry and drinking water precipitation, separation in oil& water.The modular and cubical self-supporting settler design ofHoneycombed Inclined Tube Settlers aids handling during installation andany subsequent maintenance.

The design of tube settler media avoids thin wall membranesand utilizes forming techniques to minimize component stress andsubsequent environmental stress cracking fatigue.

Tube settler media offers an inexpensive method ofupgrading existing water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins toimprove performance. They can also reduce the tank age/footprint required innew installations or improve the performance of existing settling basins byreducing the solids loading on downstream filters.

Technical parameters


♦ Large wetted perimeter, hydraulic radius is small.
♦ The laminar good condition, particles falling from flocculent flow interference.
♦ When the tube for 1 m long, effective load by 5 tons/square meter design.And V control in 2.5- 3.0 mm/SEC effluent water,within the scope of the best.
♦ In the water inlet place inclined pipe length, the honeycomb 2.0-3.0 meters, may in the 50-100 kg/m3 clay sand content of high turbidity safe operation of processing.
♦ The plastic inclined packing, which the processing ability is to destabilize the flat streaming traps three to five times, accelerate the clear pool and pulse clarify pool two to three times.
♦ The material is with UV radiation protection.


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