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Fine Bubble Plate Diffuser

Product Description

fine bubble plate diffuser for sewage treatment is structured in the unique manner that makes the aeration system maintain constant oxygenation transfer efficiency within the wide range of working air.The diffuser's support board is made of aluminum alloy with a layor of membrane horizontally laid on the board.The membrane,once formed,will not suffer debonding .The diffuser can be  applied to either intermittent or continuous operation system.Therefore, Holly series plate-type diffuser is the preferred choice for large-scaled and medium-scaled sewage treatment plants.

Technical parameters


1.Replacement of other diffuser brands of any membrane and size.
2.Easy equipping or retrofitting any types and dimensions of piping.
3.High quality material to insure long service lift up to 10years in proper opearation.
4.Space and energy saving to cut down human and operation cost.
5.Quickly to outdated and less efficient technologies.

Typical Applications

1.Aeration of fishpond and other applications
2.Aeration of deep aeration basin
3.Aeration for excreta and animal waste water treatment plant
4.Aeration for denitrification/dephosphorization aerobic processes
5.Aeration for high concentration waste water aeration basin,and aeration for regulating pond of waste water treatment plant
6.Aeration for SBR,MBBR reaction basin,contact oxidation pond;activated sludge aeration basin in sewage disposal plant

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