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Drum Filter Screen (External Feed)

Product Description

The Drum Filter (External Feed) is composed of a case made up of stainless steel plate and section bars. The stainless steel filter, whose surface is made up of a stainless steel "v" profile wedge wire type winded up as a spiral, rotates inside the case. The distance between each coil is the same as the desired filtering slot. 

Technical parameters


1,The material is high-strength and corrosion-resistant stainless steel; Less used field area; Convenient construction; It can be directly fixed with expansion bolts without channel construction; Inlet and outlet water can be connected with pipes. 
2,The screen will not be blocked by waste solid because the machine is inverted trapezoid cross section
3,The machine is controlled by adjustable-speed motor, which can maintain optimum working condition according to water flow. 
4,Special washing device can brush away the impurities on the surface of screen, after twice internal brush, it will achieve the best cleaning effect. 

Typical Applications

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