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Micro Screen Drum Filter

Product Description

Operation mode of the equipment is continuous filtration. When water enters into the drum,

 drum starts working under the control of auto-control system along with the backwash pump.
Filtrate is pumped by backwash pump to backwash the filter screen. The particles generated by

 backwash is gathered into collection tank and removed from the equipment through discharge. 

Filtration operating along with the backwash.When no water runs through the equipment, the 

equipment will stop automatically.

The equipment consists of five parts: 

main structure, filter screen, driving motor, driving gear, backwash pump, 

backwash nozzle, auto-control system.

Technical parameters


· Long service life of the filter screen
The service life of Filter screen can be up to 10 years
·Easy to replace the filter screen 
Separate meshes can be removed independently without affecting other filters.
· Strong impact load
Equipment can be operated when the inlet SS is not higher than 40mg/L.
·Filtering can run continuously
Backwashing and filtering do not affect each other.
·Small water head loss
Water head loss is less than 30cm.
· The discharge water quality is good
Outlet water SS is less than 10mg/L
·Fully automated control
·Small footprint
With the same amount of treated water, the area of precision filtration equipment is much smaller than other filtration equipment.
·Back washing consumes less water
Impurities are not easy to accumulate on the filter, the backwash high-pressure water can remove the impurities easily.

The water is taken from the filtrate, and the water consumption is 0.3%, much lower than other similar filters 3%-5%. 

Reduce the burden of post-processing of backwash wastewater
·Low operating energy consumption
The power consumption is 1/4 of other similar filter screens.

Typical Applications

Wide range of applications

For example: sewage treatment plant,water purification plant.

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